Sewing Resources and Fabric Shops in Budapest

Many of my English speaking students are asking where to go to buy fabric or supplies in Budapest. I’ve long been planning to write a detailed review of each shop I like to go to, but until then, here is a short list. There is no single ultimate shop to go to where you find everything, so it really depends on what you are looking for and what your budget is. (This post is in progress, but I will publish it anyway 🙂 )

My workshop is in the VIII. District, so I frequently buy from nearby places.

Map of Fabric Shops and Sewing Supplies in Budapest

a List by Zsuzsi Víg, Founder of Stitch Budapest

I created a map with all locations, feel free to use and share it.



Address: 1073 Budapest Erzsébet krt. 34.
Map | Web | Facebook

A great selection of quilting and home decoration fabrics, some special materials for bag-making. Recently they merged with Voál, so now there are fabrics for clothesmaking as well.

K-Elme Kft.

K-Elme Kft.

K-Elme Kft.
Address: Budapest, Práter u. 65, 1083
Map | Web | Facebook

The best prices in Budapest and an enormous selection of quilting cotton canvases, jerseys, fun children’s prints and specialty fabrics such as minky, softshell, terrycloth and honeycomb fabric. They also have double-gauze and PUL. The staff is super-friendly and helpful.

Voál Méteráru

Voál Méteráru
Address: Budapest, Váci út 14
Map | Web | Facebook

One of the nicest fabric selections, lots of Italian womenswear fabric, usually in bold colors and prints.

Röftex Kft.

Rőftex Kft.

Röftex Kft.
Address: Budapest, Margit krt. 56, 1027
Map | (no website or Facebook)

A very retro place. Makes me feel like I stepped back into the 1980’s when I walk in the door. They have basic fabrics for home decorations, a good selection of yarn and needles, and the best fabric handkerchiefs.

Máthé Textil Zrt.

Máthé Textil Zrt.
Address: Budapest, Baross tér, 1087
Map | Web | Facebook

I don’t remember ever buying anything from here. The shop has a very nice wooden interior, with bold fabrics, lots of lace and faux fur.



Hobbyművész Üllői út
Address: Budapest, Üllői út 30, 1085
Map | Web | Facebook

This is my personal favorite fabric store in Budapest with the best selection of British and American high quality quilting fabric. I avoid going there too often, because I always spend more money than I originally planned. The prices unfortunately are getting expensive. My favorites are the Kona solid colors, the Moda fabrics and the printed panels. The shop has all sorts of different craft supplies, so it is not primarily a fabric shop, but that is all I buy there and it is close by.


Rőfösbolt Lakástextil

Rőfösbolt Méteráru
Address: Budapest, Csömöri út 130, 1161
Map | Web | Facebook

The interior of Rőfösbolt

This shop is really out of the way, so I very rarely go there, but they have a good selection and great prices. They also have an extensive selection of buttons and notions, as well as yarn and embroidery thread.

Burda-Verena Stúdió Berena Kft.
Fortuna Méteráru Bolt
Textil Sarok

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