I had a lovely time and learned a lot from Zsuzsi during my first sewing course for beginners. I can now setup a sewing machine and sew properly after only 3 hours with Zsuzsi. I recommend her wholeheartedly! She is a really good teacher. I can’t wait to join the next course very soon.

Vászonzsák és újraszalvéta


I really enjoy being Zsuzsi ‘s student, she is enthusiastic, helpful and listens to your ideas. I can only recommend her and will definitely be back @Stitch BP 🙂 5 *


Ma magán órán voltam. Fantasztikus élmény volt, biztosan megyek még!


Lovely Zsuzsi knows everything about sewing, knitting, embroidery and all, we should all go and learn!


Zsuzsi is a great teacher and I’ve learned so much from her sewing classes! I love that the projects we do are each small things, so we have a large variety of things we’ve made by the end, and I can’t wait to sign up for another one of her courses soon!

These are *some* of the things we made in this course with an eco-friendly theme.

Mesh produce bags, lunch bag, “un-papertowel” made during the course.